We travel the five continents to find the best talent for women's soccer clubs.

A draft specially designed to discover the best players in the world over the age of seventeen.

A great project that we are documenting with a content production company from start to finish, to show the effort that women make to become professional players.

Our mission is to help the players selected in WomanGoal Global Draft grow professionally and personally.

We create 360º value for each player through three phases and our respective areas of expertise.

Our Global Draft is based on 4 phases:

Phase 1:

We travel the five continents looking for the best female talent. In each country we have a strategic partner, who is in charge of organizing the entire global draft under the supervision of the WomanGoal team.

  • 5


  • 17


  • 28


Phase 2:
Player selection

How do we choose WomanGoal players?

The choice of players will depend on many factors. The most important is the sporting one, but factors such as their branding potential and the for-good side that we see in them will also play a role. For a player to be WomanGoal she must have these three characteristics:


  • Sports talent

  • 2. Branding Potential

  • 3. Potential For Good

Phase 3:
Final Draft

We are building the world's largest women's soccer community

For two days we will gather in Spain in the same city all the Club Sport Directors of Spain together with the 28 players selected for the final phase. The objective of these two days, besides creating union and community among the different Sport Directors, is to get to know each player personally and professionally before selecting them.

Phase 4:
music concert

Official presentation of the WomanGoal players

In order to bring the new generations closer to women's soccer and to raise it to a higher level, we will create in 2024 a big concert with international singers where the 28 players will be presented together with their teams. The line-up of artists will be top level international artists. The objective with this show is to give value to the choice of the players and to bring Spanish women's soccer closer to the youngest. We will have content creators and influencers in the show so that the younger generations can follow it through the networks.

Phase 5:

Behind every player is a great story

To be a reference for change, we are going to take WomanGoal Global Draft to a large international platform. We want the entire draft process to be seen, from the moment a player signs up until she is chosen by a soccer club. We want to bring to light the stories behind our chosen WomanGoal players. We want to make known through them, the efforts and how difficult it is for women to be professional soccer players.


  • Nayelis Broce

    Panama 2023

  • Orlanny Palacios

    Venezuela 2023

  • Annika Müggenburg

    Mexico 2023